Our Sensei

Sensei Jose Ferrand is a 7th Degree black belt and Sensei Jose Ferrandhas trained Karate for more than thirty years. Throughout his karate career, he has been Kata and Kumite champion in numerous local and state competitions.

Sensei Jose Ferrand competed in several international tournaments, such as the World ShotoCup and Pan American Tournament, of which he was a finalist.

More recently, he coached the USA team competing at the 12th Funokoshi Gichin World Karate-Do Championship 2011 in Pattaya, Thailand and the 13th Funokoshi Gichin World Karate-Do Championship 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.

During his numerous stays in Tokyo, Japan, Sensei Ferrand had the privilege of training with and learning from many of the Japan Karate Association’s most respected masters and instructors. He is a dedicated instructor, instrumental in developing quality skill and imparting disciplined Karate training to his students and fellow Karate-ka.

Sensei Ferrand is a JKA qualified Judge, Instructor and Examiner.  He is member of the Japan Karate Association/American Federation (JKA/AF) – an organization under the leadership of Chief Instructor Takayuki Mikami (JKA 8th Dan), who has been influential in the promotion of Shotokan Karate throughout the United States.