What is Shotokan?
Shotokan Karate is a traditional martial art that originated from Okinawa, Japan. It is known for more linear punching, kicking and blocking techniques and self defense. For more information on the background and history of Shotokan, click here.

Do you offer children’s classes?
Yes, children’s classes are available for all children, ages 5 and up.

What do I need to get started?
You will need a white karate uniform (gi) and a belt. Shoes are not worn during class, so there is no additional footwear required.

Can I buy a uniform through the dojo?
Yes, uniforms are available for purchase through the dojo. We currently sell Hirota and Tokyodo Karate Gis. If interested please call us at (305) 978.4302, email us or stop by the dojo before class.  

When can I start?
You can start at your earliest convenience. We are open Monday – Saturday with afternoon and evening hours.

Class information:

How long are classes?
Classes are approximately 1 hour.

What do you learn in classes?
Each class is different, building upon the skills of the students. Typically you will learn a combination of basic movements (Kihon), forms (Kata) and sparring drills (Kumite). As you progress, so will the material.

I don’t want to compete, do I have to?
While participation in tournaments is considered another part of one’s overall training competition is not required to enhance your training.

How long does it take to get my black belt?
It takes approximately 3-5 years of continuous training to reach the level of Black Belt, depending on the individual.


How much does it cost to join Miami Shotokan?
Our fees are monthly-based and allow students to take as many available classes throughout the month as they wish.

New Member Beginner (white belt) Students – $400.00 for 6 months

Monthly Fee – $110.00 or 3 months for $270 

Additional Family Member – $100 per month, per each additional family member or 3 months for $230 

Visitor (Drop-in) Fee: $15 per class per person.

Tuition Policy – Membership fees must be paid on or before the third day of each month. Payments made after this time will be assessed a $10.00 late fee. Make checks payable to: Miami Shotokan Karate Club.

Private Classes: Available by appointment. $50.00 per hour.

Is there a contract?
No, our students do not sign contracts to join Miami Shotokan.

Do you require membership fees to start?
No, there is no additional membership fee to join Miami Shotokan Karate Club.

Do you offer private classes?
Yes, private classes are available for both members and non-members.

I’m visiting from another school, is there a drop-in fee?
Welcome! We would love for you to join us. Drop-in/Visitor fees are $15 per class.

For additional questions, please call us at (305) 978-4302 or contact us.